Lucky Number Roulette Theory

Roulette is an awesome instant-play casino game – but check out the different approaches you can use to try and secure profitable sessions…….

Basic 'as you go' roulette strategy
Many roulette players attack the table with a casual approach – such as betting on their lucky single numbers, or making array of random selections such as red, black, 1-12 and so on. However, even if you play in this way – you can still use very basic common sense to try and get more success. For example, it's pretty logical that you won't win with a single number on every spin – so you'll probably want to mix both long-shot and sure-fire bets during a session. Equally, if you hot a hot lucky number, you may try and double up some or all of your win by placing a near 50:50 even money wager – but risking it all on another single number would be extremely daring and risky! Once you're used to playing roulette, the chances are you'll develop your own simple strategies and logical betting decisions. If you really want to know what works – make sure you log your results.

The lucky number roulette theory
Everyone has heard about the roulette gamers who got lucky – sometimes luckily enough to turn a small initial wager into many thousands, by simply getting lucky with high paying single number wins. For example, while the odds are stacked against you – it is theoretically possible to win three single number spins in a row, and gamble your winnings on each number, leaving you with a small fortune! However, could there be a better way than relying on pure chance? According to some statisticians, the answer is possibly – yes! The Andrucci theory suggests that while every number theoretically has the same chance of winning – numbers go through periods of chaos and order. For example, check out the spin results below…..

1, 2, 11, 10, 3, 4, 6, 11, 20, 32, 21, 1, 6, 14, 1, 11, 22, 24, 5, 1, 7, 11, 19, 27, 1, 9, 13, 23, 11

It all looks pretty chaotic – but closer examination reveals that number 1 and 11 are winning fairly frequently. According to the theory – patterns like these could indicate a higher chance of winning. It's certainly something to bear in mind when betting on single number picks at the roulette reel.

High risk:high reward Martingale roulette

The Martingale remains an immensely popular roulette strategy – with a distinctly high risk:high reward basis. This system can work immensely well to deliver profitable roulette sessions – but it needs playing with a stop-loss limit (such as 6 bets) and discipline for a chance of long-term success…….

> Bet 1 credit on red/black
> If you win – start a new chain
> If you lose – re-bet with double stakes
> Keep doubling your spins until you win or quit

Wait and 'pounce' dozen betting
If you prefer the subtle approach to roulette system gaming – then the dozen strategy could be your artful trick at the table. It contains risk like the martingale approach – but because it waits for very specific betting conditions, many roulette players claim they get much more effective results in the long-run. Naturally, like any roulette system – game with money you can afford to lose, and slowly build-up your winnings to game risk-free……

> Analyse the roulette table for a run of 5 spins where wither the Low, Middle or High dozen section does not win. Then – get betting with the progressive staking plan below, ceasing at a winner……

Bet number Wager value
1 £1
2 £2
3 £3
4 £4
5 £6
6 £9
7 £13
8 £20
9 £30
10 £45
11 £67

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